Anti-Racism Resources

In solidarity with #amplifymelanatedvoices created by Jessica Wilson, MS. RD. @jessicawilson.msrd & Alishia McCullough, MS. LCMHCA. NCC. @blackandembodied, I won’t be posting any of my own content this week to make space for the voices that need to be heard. Instead, I’ll be using this week’s journal to amplify black context and brands with anti-racism resources, prompts to act, and places to contribute money to — These are resources I am looking into, and I invite you to do the same because inactivity is not an option. Black Lives Matter.


The work begins with checking in with yourself — about what you have access to, what you want to contribute, where and how and make a decision. See what happens next and respond according to what’s in integrity with you.  - Andrea Ranae @andrearanaej



Theaster Gates, Minority Majority, 2012, Decommissioned fire hoses and vinyl on plywood

Theaster Gates, Minority Majority, 2012, Decommissioned fire hoses and vinyl on plywood.


Gates frequently engages materials that speak to histories of race in the United States, and in 2011 began using decommissioned fire hoses in his sculptures. Minority Majority refers to the violent use of the fire hose against peaceful civil-rights protesters. Gates has said of this series: “I’d been thinking what I could do to jar people’s memory about this history without making it kitsch or a cheap shot … I’m not immune to the problems that Black people faced in the 20s, 30s, [and] 50s”




Shop Black Businesses

It’s vital to understand that our daily transactions and our spending choices are endorsements of a business, their products, services and their values. Where you shop and what you buy is a powerful action, that’s why it’s imperative to divest from brands that don’t support the community and invest in companies that do. Buying from black businesses is a direct and sustainable way to support the black community, and many have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Show your support for black businesses by buying from them, following them on social media, writing reviews for their products, promoting them in your posts or stories, talking about them to your friends. Wherever you are, there are many resources available, especially right now. Here are five that are local in the Montreal area: 



Sustainably made clothing curated to encourage body inclusion handmade in Montreal.



Apprenti Ôr'ganik

Holistic natural skincare products focused on hydration and nourishment handmade in Montreal.



Coo-Mon Accessoires et Cultures 

Accessories for men, women and kids handmade in Montreal.



Dr. Liza Shoes 

Meticulously designed shoes for painless all-day wear, designed in Toronto, made in Brazil.



Selfish Swimwear 

Sustainably and ethically made swimwear handmade in Montreal.






Policing Black Lives by Robyn Maynard about State violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present

It’s available to order through Fernwood Publishing


How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi 

I reserved a copy through my local bookshop Librairie Saint Henri Books and you can too @st.henri.books


The End of Policing by Alex S. Vitale

Free e-copy on Verso Books


What is an Anti-Racist Reading List For? by Lauren Michele Jackson, article on Vulture



Educators to look in to, hire, purchase from, support 


Andrea Ranae

Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Teacher

How To Use Your Privilege For Good



Erica Courdae

Coach, Consultant, supports businesses and organizations in facilitating conversation around challenging topics.


podcast Pause on the play 


Janaya Khan

Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter Canada and leading voice in the global crusade demanding social transformation, justice, and equality.


I recommend watching their IGTV video What White People Must Know - A sermon on the project of whiteness. 


Chrissy Rutherford

Contributor at Harper’s Bazaar US, Mental Health Advocate, Activist


I recommend watching her IGTV video It’s not enough to just say “I’m not racist”  


Rachel Elizabeth Cargle 

Academic, Activist, Writer, and Lecturer


Rachel founded Elizabeth’s bookshop + writing centre, an innovative literacy centre designed to amplify and celebrate marginalized voices



If you can donate, here are some places to look into


Black Visions Collective


North Star Health Collective


Black Mamas Bail Out


Center for Research-Action on Race Relations


Afrique au féminin


Black Lives Matter Toronto


Black Youth Project 100


Transgender Law Centre


Indian Residential School Survivors



Being anti-racist on a daily basis

If you’re a white person, look at your circle and talk to other white people about racial justice, because this is not the time to be doing nothing. If a family member or a friend doesn’t know where to start, guide them to any one of the many lists of resources, free books or videos. If you have questions ask google, ask a white person, but do not ask more of black people. It's important to remember this isn't just a one time check-in's every day, all the time. Let's strive to do better.



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