Aperçu: Kathryne Radburn

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St Martins New Brunswick Tide Out Landscape

Aperçu:  Kathryne Radburn

RYHN [ r-in ] a partial anagram / nickname for Kathryne [Kate / RYHN]

I went back to school to learn metalsmithing and jewellery making about five years ago. I had been searching for a new line of work, something where I could work with my hands. After trying textiles, food and woodworking I found myself signing up to work with metals. I lit a large torch to melt silver pellets into an ingot and never looked back.  

I developed the basis of my art practice as I found my jewellery work transformed by my emotional and physical connection to the landscape. My interest lies in these experiences of the landscape, nostalgia filled, both real and imagined, using cast textures as an analog for this raw, romanticized emotion.

 Kathryne / RYHN in her studio

When I travel I get inspired by
The slow pace and lazy days of vacation. I really enjoy slowing down and enjoying the day, losing track of the hours. It’s something I try to bring back with me in my everyday.

What is your favourite film about a woman directed by a woman
I’m very inspired by Maya Deren’s experimental film Meshes of the Afternoon.

Front door view May 2020

What is a song/album that you recently listened to
I recently listened to Ringo Deathstarr’s new self-titled album and I ordered the vinyl mid-listen.

When do you feel most creative
When I’m listening to music or watching a film I haven’t seen before… something that lends a new perspective is always a good bet.

pressed anemone flower, rose coloured pearls, oyster shell, watercolour

A female artist you recommend
My neighbour Holly Friesen @hollyfriesenart paints these beautiful, softly amorphous landscape paintings. We’ve gotten to know each other’s work a little better during the Covid-19 pandemic and we’ve noticed that both our work draws from the same source of inspiration; expansive landscapes and the natural world.

What's next for you in the following months
My partner and I are drafting plans to build a small cabin on our New Brunswick property. Last summer we put in a road, and this summer we’re hoping we’ll be able to start building things.

As for RYHN, I’ve been slowly designing new pieces in gold and gemstones for a collection I’m hoping to launch later this year.

sketch gold ring green sapphires

forget me nots flowers in a vase


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