Aperçu: Kristen Denis

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Kristen Denis, Umber Realty


Aperçu: Kristen Denis

When I finished university, I sought out a career that could blend my passion of working with people while fueling my creative side and love for design. This led me to my current career - Realtor and Broker of Record of Umber Realty Inc. I help my clients find their dream homes, all the while touring and exploring beautiful properties and architecture around the city. I am a lover of nature, travel, making music and baking delicious treats. Full-time real estate professional. Full-time optimist.
Kristen's to-do list

Do you have a ritual that can transform your mood in an instant?
Most of my mornings begin with a meditation session followed by a cup of fresh brewed coffee. While enjoying the first java of the day, I put pen to paper and jot down my thoughts, plans and goals - it’s old school, I’m aware, but thoroughly satisfying nonetheless. I relish my early morning routines. It’s a way to centre myself - feel calmness - prior to unsilencing my phone.

What's your typical day like?
My 'typical' day is atypical, which happens to be my favourite part of the job. In my line of work, I can’t predict what to expect since much of it relies on others - showing beautiful properties, drawing up contracts and sitting down with new clients, to name a few. There are also other aspects that creep into the day, such as marketing strategies, setting goals and timelines, hiring and meetings, meetings and more meetings. The day is unpredictable which keeps things fresh and new! 

What are your favourite places in the world?

Although travelling the world is fascinating to me, and I enjoy learning about various cultures and exploring different landscapes, if I had to pinpoint one common denominator that sums up my favourite ‘place’, it would be the ocean. The grandness, the smell of saltwater, the ebb and flow of the waves – I savour it all!

Kristen at the beach

Three things I always travel with
Camera, sunglasses and… an open mind.

What is your process for starting a new project?
I always start with the end goal in mind and work backwards. I also ‘chunk’ my work, break it up into smaller pieces, that way I am able to stay focused and zone in on the smaller tasks. By working backwards, I can see the big picture – the goal. I also create a ‘to-do list’ to guide me, a roadmap for the day or specific project.

What's next for you in the following months?
I just bought a house, so I look forward to setting up my home office, gardening and decorating!


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