Aperçu: Marly Ochmann St-Jean

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Marly at the carousel in Paris

Photography by Chris Caldareri


Aperçu: Marly Ochmann St-Jean

My name is Marly. I'm a marketer in the cosmetics industry, skincare more specifically, where I help develop and market products and communications campaigns. I do this in Paris, a city I love more than any other city I've had the chance to visit or live in. Ever feel like the vibe of a place just fits your vibe? That's how I feel about Paris...

My path to luxury and this industry wasn’t traditional nor was it obvious, as I started my career in a completely different field, law. A few years ago, I decided to take a leap and jump into a new industry and follow my passion for developing beautiful products. I love skincare and cosmetics as I do jewelry, home decor or fashion and accessories. My passion is in the detail of the development, to learn, invest myself and help create something unique, precious and beautiful that brings joy.

14k yellow gold and watermelon tourmaline bespoke RYHN pendant
Do you have a piece of jewellery you've loved for a while and why is it so special
Yes it’s a beautiful necklace with a watermelon tourmaline stone picked out years ago. It’s special to me as it came into my life during a time of new beginning, a new chapter for both my life and RYHN.
When do you feel most creative
Usually whenever I don’t try to be. For my current job, I draw inspiration from colors, shops, photos, people, conversations- things I see, feel and experience. When I just enjoy the moment, my mind soaks up the inspiration.


What is a memory that epitomizes your grandmother
It’s a series of moments when I was little like playing with her drawer full of scarves assembling them into dresses and outfits, sitting at the kitchen table eating with her or walking through a field to get to the nearby convenience store to get some candy. These moments were nurturing, kind, caring, loving and joyful.

Marly leaning on a fence that has graffiti
Current sight  smell  sound  taste  feeling
Like many people, much of my life these past few months has been focused on my home and being home so that has definitely impacted my senses. Off the top of my head:
Sight     textures and patterns - wood, stone, metals. And neo-mint color
Smell    fucking fabulous candle by Tom Ford
Sound   constant buzzing city backdrop noise
Taste     warm baguette
Feeling  comfort
Avalanche of life and colors in Tokyo Japan
What are your favorite places in the world
There are many but all for different reasons. I’d say Kawaguchiko for the total sense of calm I felt there. Tokyo, for the avalanche of life and colors like I’ve never seen before. Paris for the city vibe that fits me so well, Rome for some of my best food moments (especially the bruschetta and gelato) and Miami, Pessac and Portofino for the strong memories made there.



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