Aperçu: Mckenna Bisson

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Mckenna, portrait of Mas Montreal brand's founder 

Aperçu: Mckenna Bisson



Je m’appelle Mckenna et je suis la designer derrière MAS Montréal la ligne de vêtements que j’ai lancé il y a presque 5 ans. J’y travaille maintenant à temps plein dans mon atelier dans Chabanel. J’ai lancé la marque dans le but d’enfin trouver des vêtements qui me conviennent. Étant une adepte du sport, il était devenu assez difficile de trouver des vêtements confortable pour mes activités hors salle d’entraînement. C’est en commençant avec cette hypothèse que je me suis rendue compte que je n’étais pas la seule dans la situation et que mon produit répondait aux besoins de plusieurs personnes à qui les vêtements standardisés pour la vente de masse ne convient pas.

En dehors du travail, j’ai un besoin de bouger et de dépenser de l’énergie. J’aime aussi m’occuper de ma deuxième passion : les plantes!!! J’ai vraiment tout donné cet été dans mon petit jardin dont je suis bien fière!

Mckenna Bisson, Designer et fondatrice de Mas Montreal

When I travel I get inspired by
A mix of People and decor! I find it quite funny since I am more of an introvert and I get inspired by people. I like to see other people behaving, how they dress and what they eat. When I engage with others and talk to them, I like to know what makes them who they are. It is so inspiring to know what they have been through. Sharing like that kind of helps me to be more connected to myself.
And of course, being in front of amazing views that remind me how nature is powerful.

Mas Montreal design process

What do you wish you could change about the world
The view on how life should be. I had a great realization in the past few years that shocked me. We are so living to impress other people instead of living for ourselves. We constantly compare each other to define ourselves and it is so toxic. We kind of forget the fact that we are all going at a different pace with different goals. It is sad to see people fighting anxiety and changing themselves for that, instead of just living their lives and enjoying every part of it. It is certainly not easy, we have obstacles and it is what allows us to grow.

 Mckenna Bisson, Designer et fondatrice de Mas Montreal, medium shot portrait

What is something you would like to campaign more for
Along the same line as my last answer, the pressures that we put on everyone to fit in society, especially the pressures we put on women and I think women of color. Talking about my own experience, I only learned two years ago that it was ok to have my natural hair out. I spent 28 years thinking that my hair is problematic and I should always hide its natural form. I remember everything that I had to go through for that. As a kid, I had to go get braids every 2-3 months which meant I had to sit for 3 hours as a 5 year old to have long hair and to “look pretty”. After I had to go through the straightening, a horrible process.

So many times, I had my scalp burnt and all for what? It is all to look like an ideal beauty that is not really reachable but that we still put all our energy to fulfill. I wish I could have spent all that time getting to know myself more and be comfortable for myself. I think with the BLM movement, it could be a good time to start thinking about that.

Image du jardin de Mckenna  

What is your favourite thing to share
I would say experiences. It is the only thing that is really personal to each of us. It is so rich to share our views on various topics since we all come with different baggage, we can see the same problems with so many points of view.

Image du jardin de Mckenna, fraises 

Tell us one thing you learnt from your mother
I have a really hard and complicated relationship with my mother. I had to stop every connection with her for around two years. It was not the easiest thing to do, but the right one. She is always putting pressure on me to fit her own standards on how a woman should look, act and do. I was conforming at first. I was trying to please her so bad. I was spending so much money and time to make sure that when she sees me she wouldn’t have anything to say about the way I look. I even started to filter everything that I was saying to her to make sure I wouldn’t disappoint her. 
As I was trying to make her happy, I realized how unhappy with myself I was. I was sad and depressed. So in a way (I bet it was not what she intended), she helped me find who I was and showed where my boundaries are.

Image du jardin de Mckenna, plant de tomates 

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