Aperçu: Mia Giommi

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Mia Giommi Wise And Wonder


Aperçu: Mia Giommi

My name is Mia. I'm a holistic nutritionist (Certified Nutritional Practitioner) and founder of wise and wonder, a holistic well-being and lifestyle brand. In my practice - I help people overcome their digestive imbalances, increase their energy, and build resiliency to stress.

My mission with my work is to get to the ROOT CAUSE of my clients symptoms, so they can stop worrying so much about their health, and focus on living a life they love.

I know all too well (through my personal health journey) how health issues can impede on our quality of life. The body innately wants to heal, and with the guidance, knowledge, and support from a trusted practitioner who understands what you're going through - reclaiming your health, and life, is entirely possible.

I'm currently based out of Toronto, Canada - BUT because the internet is so awesome, I offer my services internationally, via online consultations.

Mia Giommi of wise and wonder 

Do you have a ritual that can transform your mood in an instant
Yes - breath work. Definitely breath work. It's the most profound practice I've incorporated into my life - I feel such tangible change within my body when I practice it - and the beauty of it is that irregardless of where you are, or how much time you have, you can practice it. Deep belly breathing coaxes the body back into the 'parasympathetic nervous system' - this is our "rest-and-digest" mode - where much of our healing happens. Whenever I'm stressed, worried, anxious, afraid, angry, if I do even just 30 seconds of breath work, I feel a wave of calm wash over me.

There are so many types of breath work (I think this makes it really approachable for those new to breath work) - usually I'll practice a "square breath", or a 4-7-8 breath. If it's in the moment, I'll do it just for 30-40 seconds. If I make time in my day for an intentional practice - I'll do it for a few minutes while laying down - one hand over my heart, and one on my belly. Breath work is so nourishing for your nervous system, your digestive system, your lymphatic system.. I highly highly recommend incorporating this into your life every day.

Andes Mountains 

Do you have a piece of jewelry you’ve loved for a long time/what makes it special

I have this really really lovely yellow gold pinky ring that my grandmother left for me when she passed. I was 12 when she passed; her and I were very close - it was the first major loss I had experienced at that point in my life.

It's yellow gold, vintage - with dozens of small diamonds clustered on top. She always wore great jewelry. I have fond memories of her always taking such care in the way she dressed and styled herself. Looking back at old photos now, my cousins and I always muse at how stylish she was.

Every time I receive a compliment on it (which is actually quite often) - I smile and I'm reminded of her. I think she'd like that.

Andes Mountains

What brings you joy
Really good beans made with care in our Chemex (I love my coffee). Slow mornings. A page turner. Camping in the woods. A big glass of Rioja. My dog, Harlow. Exploring new places. Cooking and enjoying a really nourishing meal for myself and my loved ones. Wood crackling in a fire. Hiking in the mountains. Trying new, creative things (I'm hoping this year to take some pottery classes). Taking a deeep breath in the fresh air on a warm breezy day. Our Sunday morning walk around the neighbourhood with my partner. A good stretch. Hearing people laugh.

coffee pour

What are your favourite places in the world
Traveling is probably my greatest passion in life - it's makes me feel so alive, curious, free, open-hearted.
I have a deep, deep love for the mountains. I tend to prefer cooler climates (over hot and humid), but I do love a good beach! I've been fortunate to have traveled many places throughout the globe - but one of my favourite adventures has been following the Andes from the northernmost point of South America, all the way down to Patagonia. There's just something about them that take my breath away. Perhaps their grandness, and ability to have such influence on the surrounding environment. Perhaps it's the inherent power and energy I felt being surrounded by them.. Some of my fondest memories are hiking through the Andes and learning about the history and culture of communities who used to live (and still do live), among them.

One of my hopes in this lifetime is to be able to continue following the Andes northward, up into the Rocky's here in Canada.

Mia hiking on the Andes

What sort of things do you find inspiring/where do you find them
I find inspiration in many places. I come from a design background (I was previously on the trajectory to become an architect & went to university to study architecture prior to deciding I wanted to pivot my career direction into Holistic Nutrition) - and have a love for architectural design, graphic design, and especially editorial design. Lots of my digital work, online graphic work, and my physical spaces are inspired by my favourite designers and artists (I love the artist Richard Serra and RCR arquitectes out of Spain).

The natural world inspires a lot of colour and texture that infiltrates throughout my life, my home, how I dress, and my work. I've grown up surrounded by nature (in a small city in Northern Ontario), and find much of what I allow into my life inspired by it. I also find that I gravitate towards more earthy, nature-inspired materials and colours to surround myself with.

Travel is another huge inspiration for me - experiencing different cultures, traditional cultures, cuisines and language has inspired many of my values, my lifestyle, and how I nourish myself.

Andes Mountains

What’s next for you in the following months
As I continue to grow my practice, and hone in on what sort of support my clients and potential clients really need with their health - I'll be developing some offerings (programs and courses; potentially a membership), alongside my 1:1 practice. I will be continuing to educate about the power of nutrition, and how we can support our bodies (and minds) in order for us to thrive & live our lives vibrantly.

I will be continuing to educate on the importance of gut health - and how we can optimize it; and support it's healing where necessary (I'm actually currently working on a free gut-health fundamentals mini-course that will be available on my website soon). I'm also hoping to be offering more online webinars and seminars - for those wanting to learn more, who may not require the 1:1 support by me just yet.


To learn more:

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