Aperçu: Rafin Jannat

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Jarafin label Rafin JannatPhoto by Calvin Chinthaka


Aperçu: Rafin Jannat

Hello, my name is Rafin Jannat and I am an aspiring fashion designer. I was born and raised in Italy, although I am from Bangladeshi origins. My family and I have settled in London since 2012. I have always enjoyed taking part in creative subjects and I have been studying fine arts until college. During my first year of college, I discovered a long-lost passion from my childhood: fashion design.

Currently I am studying BA Fashion Design and Development at London College of Fashion and I am expecting to graduate by next summer 2021. Over the past 2 years, I have developed a strong interest in ethical and sustainable fashion, craftsmanship skills and reviving traditional crafts from Bangladesh. This led me to create JaRafin a conscious slow-fashion label that is based on these values. I enjoy collaborating with local artisans and learning traditional handicraft skills such as block printing, hand weaving and Nakshi Kantha embroidery.


Who is your favourite woman artist?
My favourite artist is the ‘UNESCO Artist for Peace’ Bibi Russel. Last September 2019, I had the pleasure to visit her studio in Bangladesh and interview her. She is one of the most down to earth, humble, and inspiring women I have met. What I love the most about Bibi is the fact that she always puts people and trust before profits.

Jarafin label Rafin Jannat model in white with lizard embroidery
Photo by Calvin Chinthaka

What is something you would like to campaign more for?
I would definitely like to campaign more about environmental and ethical disasters occurring in the fashion industry. Furthermore, I would like to encourage shoppers to buy less and invest in well-made long-lasting goods. Many retail companies take advantage of the conscious fashion and lifestyle concept as a marketing strategy to sell more and this is a concern that I would like to address more in the future. 
Jarafin moodboard by Rafin Jannat

What is your process of starting a new fashion project?
Normally my ritual starts by revisiting my notebook where I collect new ideas and further developments from previous projects. Then, I gather written and visual research from libraries and create a mind map. I visit museum archives, galleries, workshops, open markets and gardens taking pictures of scenery that I find charming and intriguing. My initial ideas are generated from these places, it’s a continuous process of sketching and scribbling possible ideas. I then pay visits to fabric and trimming stores from the most luxurious to the most affordable ones, where I collect swatches of textile and trimming samples. Feeling textures and patterns of fabrics is one of my favourite steps, I attempt to get hold of eco-friendly natural fibres for all my fashion projects.

Jarafin label Rafin Jannat
Photo by Calvin Chinthaka

Do you have a piece of jewellery you’ve loved for a long time? What makes it special?
Yes, I own a 22 carats gold bracelet that my mother bought for me from Bangladesh when I was 8 years old. Back in the days, I used to dislike golden oriental jewellery because I was fascinated by simpler silver jewellery worn in the west.

I feel a little embarrassed to say this, but diversity was often not welcomed in the town where I grew up in Italy; I used to reject my culture to feel like I could fit in. However, as I grew up, I have discovered the beauty of oriental jewellery and my culture. I started to embrace my heritage and wear the bracelet permanently until today. Now I tend to wear more gold, but also like mixing silver and gold time to time.

Jarafin label Rafin Jannat handbag
Photo by Calvin Chinthaka

What’s next for you in the following months?
At the moment, I am working on my university deadlines and a few mini creative projects. After submitting my work, I would like to focus on my label. The last year of university goes very fast and I would like to work on developing my final graduate collection. I am planning to create samples testing different ideas of crafts that I have collected in my notebook. I would like to spend time thinking about each stage from design until execution, making sure that my work is as sustainable and ethical as it can be.

Jarafin label Rafin Jannat model with vest
Photo by Calvin Chinthaka

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