Aperçu: Sruti Islam

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Sruti Islam

Aperçu: Sruti Islam

Sruti Islam is a reader, and sometimes writer.
She has over five years of experience working in publishing—formerly a book publicist for Drawn and Quarterly, Anteism, and Metatron Press. 
She currently runs a book newsletter in partnership with Librairie St-Henri Books: Weird Era, where she also serves as the Events Coordinator. 
She continues to freelance in literary and cultural coverage. 
She is a libra.

 Book stack & laptop on a desk next to a window

Where I am right now
I am currently on my grey couch in black a slip answering these questions on my laptop. There is a glass of white next to me. It’s a terribly romantic situation, and I don’t know why I’m so drawn to setting the mood like this. It’s like how a rainstorm is especially enjoyable when you are standing, watching from the open door of your balcony. That is where I’d like to be again.

What's your typical day like
I am one of those people that sets 5 different alarms in spans of 15 minutes. I need the push. The great joy about working from home though is that I can really push that deadline to its limit. I usually go straight for the coffee and morning bathroom routine, and end up back on this couch, except, instead of a glass white, there is a cup of black. I work a 9-5, but regardless, I usually organize my days around carefully planned meals. This means I am never satisfied, but I also always have something to look forward to. 
Sruti's reflection in a window with a display of sesame street teddies on a chair
A womyx artist you would recommend
Tatiana Diamantopoulou. She does these incredible phallic paintings and just has this electric energy about her. She fits inside herself, and it’s impossible not to watch.

What brings you joy
Baaaaaabies. I love babies. I come from an immigrant South East Asian family and I grew up in a world where there were always babies around. They are soft, and simple, and drunk adults. They impress me endlessly, not just when they grasp something complex, but also in the miraculous way they fail to. Once, at an ice cream stand, much to the horror of the friend I was with at the time, I got down on all fours to crawl around with a strange baby.  When I see a baby, I squeal. 

delicious dinner in a skillet on a table

What kind of growth would you like to see
I’d like to impress myself. I think that’s another way of saying I hope to flex on me. I have done that over the years—haven’t we all? Given a little high five when we checked that thing off our “someday” list. Whatever develops, I hope it maintains that pendulum.

Which is your favourite feminist text

Impossible! But also anything Vivian Gornick. Sheila Heti changed my life, like most readers my age. For me Gornick’s writing functions like the focus on a camera, you’re very aware of what the surrounding blur reveals, but only through some clarity can you really see the entire picture. It makes for really satisfying prose.


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