A collaboration with Lights of All, an ecocentric clothing line and woman-owned business based in Toronto, Canada. These pieces were created to compliment the soft flowing garments of LOA’s SS20 Wildflowers collection which takes its inspiration from summertime walks through fields of flowers and tall grass.

Milkweed, summer phlox & red raspberry. Three varieties of perennials beloved by the pollinators, and the names I’ve chosen for the charm shapes for Wildflowers. In praise of nature’s simplicity and beauty, and also a gentle encouragement to do our part, help restore our ecology & diminishing bee and butterfly populations.⁣

Our community garden in our neighbourhood is closed indefinitely, as are many spaces during this singular global event we are all living, but we will still set out to grow some wildflowers this season...We’ve all likely come across unused and neglected spaces on our walks that could benefit from a little plant growth.